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 As a premier real estate agent in Macomb Township, I’m here to provide you with all the resources and information you need to buy or sell real estate. I work with buyers and sellers in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, Troy and the surrounding areas and I’ve had extensive training in the latest real estate marketing strategies.  I’m confident that I can offer you knowledge and tools most other agents can’t.

Contact me so I can keep you updated on the latest real estate activities in our community and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks and I look forward to assisting in all of your real estate needs! 

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Ahmed Arafa recently sold our home in a very short period of time in a declining estate market. We had previously listed the home with another broker for approximately one year and received no offers. In retrospect, I see now that no one at the previous brokerage firm had a realistic perspective on the real estate market.

As home values decline, the process of selling a home becomes more difficult and requires professional knowledge and experience that includes a good understanding of the dynamics of the declingmarket. I believe that Ahmed has an exceptional understanding of the dynamics handling all of the other issues involved with evaluating and negotiating purchase offers and dealing with other agents, banks and title companies.

I tend to easily get “stressed out”. Ahmed and his team at Century 21 gave me a high level of comfort that I don’t usually get when hiring “professionals”. Ahmed is truly a professional. Although I didn’t like the current state of the market when we sold our home, I am certain that Ahmed gave me a true and accurate analysis that allowed me to choose a sensible sale price without hesitation.

I am a very technical and analytical person (engineer) and I recognize technical information that is reasonable, and can usually see through “garbage”. I place a high value on good information. Prior to listing, Ahmed did significant analysis for our home and clearly presented and explained what he believed our alternatives were. I believe that his analysis was up-to-date, accurate, and realistic in every way. He presented everything very well and therefore gave me the perspectives that I needed to make the right decisions.

I have one regret: that I didn’t meet Ahmed sooner. I would probably have saved $50,000 to $70,000 and nearly two years of time and aggravation.

Ahmed is also known by others in the real estate business to only attempt to sell homes at sensible prices, so his listings get immediate attention.

I would normally not take time to write a letter like this, but I am confident that Ahmed did a great service for us. In addition to everything else, he’s a nice guy. A firm negotiator, but also a nice guy.

If you wish to speak with me personally about my home-selling experience, Ahmed can give you my phone number.


Working with Ahmed was a great experience, he did an exceptional job for me and I would recommend him to other sellers. Ahmed is very knowledgeable and I love his sense of humor.


This is a gentleman that you will love, starting with his multiple calls to you to let you know how your sale is proceeding, to calling you from his vacation in Punta Cana to make sure that everything is proceeding as it should, as he did with us. He always started his conversations with his chipper way of saying “Hello Patricia, who is your friend” laughing all the while. Ahmed never stopped selling our condo, from the beginning he used every avenue to advertise and get people to see what a great property we had. He had a few suggestions to make our place sell better and it did. Before we signed Ahmed to sell our place we were listed with another Realtor for eight months and had two offers both of which fell through on the appraisal. With Ahmed preceded to closing with no problems, he know how to work the system to get top dollar for you. Our experience with Ahmed Arafa has been wonderful. He’s very professional and knows his business, whether to sell a property or negotiate to purchase your ideal future home.

Pat and Chuck

When we went to sell our condo the first time, we had only one offer. We kept it on the market for about three months then we asked our realtor to take it off the market. We almost immediately got a letter from Ahmed. We didn’t pay attention. We fixed up the condo, and were getting ready to put it back on the market, and decided we should hear him out;  doing the same thing (with the same realtor) and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Although we were freshening the place up, we thought a fresh perspective with a different real estate professional was the sane thing to do.

When I met Ahmed the first time, he explained to me his personal metrics; how to judge his performance based on past (charted) results. My old agent never provided anything like this.

Next he started breaking down and analyzing my MLS listing, which by the way, I was astute enough to smell the rat when it came up as “withheld”. Ask Ahmed to explain. When I actually unlisted with the agent, every agent in a 50 mile radius swamped my mailbox. Ahmed was astute enough to smell the rat when it came up as “withheld”.

Then he outlined how to value my property. How simple “by the square foot, by the neighborhood” stuff does not work. Things like relative size and FHA approval actually affect the price.

Next he outlined what he would do differently: in detail. My old agent was a smooth talker, easy to listen to, but was light on details. Ahmed can explain this better that I can.

When I finally listed with Ahmed, I could tell he thought the fixing up I did was overkill (he was probably right), but he never said anything. Whatever; we were under contract within a week after listing with him.

There are several detail points he predicted that came true I will not list here (like who would be offering for the property), but I have already talked on long enough. I wish Ahmed all the best. If you choose to list with him, I think you are making a good choice.

Ahmed was knowledgeable, hard working, and extremely patient with our home. We have been in the home for 25 years and were attempting to downsize. Ahmed was very considerate in dealing with this emotional transaction.

Excellent in all areas. He went above to get the job done.

Ahmed was top notch, a true professional!

Clement and Jesephine

I have purchased and sold quite a few properties in the last twenty five years and by far Ahmed you are one of the best realtors I’ve worked with. Selling a home can be a very frustrating thing, but your made this a very pleasant experience. I appreciate all of your advice it paid off. Ahmed your knowledge of personality always made me smile. When I plan on purchasing or selling property (Land, House or Building) Ahmed you will be the realtor I contact. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


After six months of having our home listed with another real estate firm with no success we listed our home with Ahmed Arafa at Century 21. Right from the start Ahmed did a superior job of marketing our home that made it “visible” to a far wider group of prospective buyers. We had a number of showings right away. Within three months we had multiple offers for our home which lead to a sale. Ahmed kept us informed throughout the whole process of selling our home. He did an exceptional job of marketing our home to the right buyers, and was an effective negotiator in the final offer that sold our home. Ahmed is hard working, professional, and well respected in his industry. I wish that we had found him the first time we listed our home.

David and Susan

Ahmed Arafa truly is a great realtor. From day one he was professional yet extremely friendly. The entire process was spelled out to me on our first meeting and he never wavered on anything through to the closing. You can believe what he tells you are going to happen because it does. He regularly updates you on what’s going on with the sell and stands next to you at closing to make sure you understand everything. I can honestly say not only is he a hard worker but now he is a friend. I would not hesitate to work with him again.


If you’re looking for a realtor who will work hard for you Ahmed is your man! My experience with him has been excellent he sold our home in 10 days got us more than we expected and shoed us many houses. When we found the ONE he made sure that we didn’t pay a penny more than it was worth. We have been very happy! Thank you Ahmed

John & Jessica